SAFFRONAISE Maionese Vegetale allo Zafferano


SAFFRONAISE® Vegetable Mayonnaise with Saffron is an absolute novelty on the market, both Italian and international: it allows us to maintain the same versatility of the Lingotto, allowing us to redefine the spice on any dish, however widening the range of possible uses of the spice and at the same time offering to the customer a gourmet sauce.
We strongly believe that SAFFRONAISE® is a transversal product that can be used in a young and dynamic kitchen, at times international, accustomed to quick meals away from home but with a gourmet cut, attentive to choose only healthy foods and ingredients.
It is also suitable for a more adult audience, lover of more complex dishes and threads of the local and Italian tradition.
SAFFRONAISE® Vegetable Mayonnaise with Zaffrano is composed of only 5
ingredients, is Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. Most mayonnaise megetable is made with processed starches and pea or soy powders, but not ours.
SAFFRONAISE® is free of any allergen, does not contain preservatives,
additives and thickeners, it is therefore also perfect for children. The saffron contained also gives it antioxidant qualities.


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172 gr, 76 gr, 20 gr