HUMMUS ALLO ZAFFERANO, traditional chickpea based sauce, is a versatile product present for a long time in most Italian kitchens.
It lends itself to being eaten alone, spread on bread, croutons or as
ingredient for the preparation of numerous dishes, even quick ones, but with a gourmet cut, to take anywhere: to the gym, to university, to school or to work. It’s the perfect snack.
HUMMUS ALLO SAFFRON is composed only of natural ingredients,
is Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. It does not contain preservatives, additives and thickeners, therefore it is perfect even for the little ones. It is rich in “good” fats and helps to increase the consumption of vegetable proteins, often lacking in the most popular diets.
It also has antioxidant properties conferred by saffron, while tahini is rich in minerals.
HUMMUS ALLO SAFFRON is heat resistant and has an excellent shelf life. The shelf life is one year from the date of production, if opened it can be kept for a long time.
On the label we have chosen to recommend its consumption to the end customer within 7 days of opening, to ensure that the product can be enjoyed in all its freshness and intensity.


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180 gr, 90 gr, 22 gr