Fat Infused Martini

1. Prepare 1 l of your favorite Martini by diluting it with a percentage of natural mineral water not exceeding 15%.

2. Meanwhile, melt 200 g of Lingotto di Zafferano® Matteo Bertoli in a bain-marie. Transfer it into a glass bottle, with a hermetically sealed cap, with a capacity of 1 L and begin to cool the walls first with cold water then in water and ice, until the previously melted ingot has completely solidified adhering to the bottle walls.

3. Pour your favorite Martini inside the bottle and let it sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of 10 days. Serve very cold directly in iced Martini cups.

Now each of your guests can decorate their cocktails by grating the Lingotto di Zafferano® Matteo Bertoli on the surface using a Microplane grater.