Aromatic Laboratory

1. Pour into the Boston shaker glass filled with ice a mixture of Bitter Campari and Rabarbaro Zucca in a ratio of 2 to 1.

2. Stir vigorously and strain into a flute-like glass previously edged with a mixture of 3 equal parts of white beet sugar, Maldon salt and pure licorice crystals.

3. Add 3 cl of passion fruit soda and saffron. To prepare it, dissolve 0.5 g of Lingotto di Zafferano® Matteo Bertoli in 500 ml of warm water, let it cool and add 200 ml of natural passion fruit juice. Pour it all into the 1 l siphon, carbonate with the appropriate cartridge and let it cool in the refrigerator before using (duration of the mixture 24 hours).